2023 Preseason NFL Award Predictions

2023 Preseason NFL Award Predictions

By Omar Ahmad

My prediction abouts these predictions is that I will get 3-5 correct. This is just from what I’ve seen during training camp and preseason, and I could be completely wrong. Some random player that no one is thinking about can pop off (think Geno Smith) and someone we think will have a historic season may get injured, or be put in a horrible system, or both at the same time (think Kyle Pitts). 

OROTY: Jahmyr Gibbs

I’m starting it off with a mildly hot take. I don’t think it’s unreasonable at all, but I don’t hear many people talking about this. Jahmyr Gibbs is in a very good situation to succeed. He is a rookie RB1, but he has a very solid mentor/back-up in David Montgomery to reduce his load. He also has a good o-line to give him lanes. With Jared Goff as his QB he could be expecting several dump passes, as result of his possibly inconsistent deep ball. Jahmyr Gibbs is a very elusive weapon who is also very agile and shifty. Offensive Coordinator Ben Johnson will surely utilize him a lot in the offence. 

DPOTY: Will Anderson Jr.

This is a very cold take. There is a reason for this. Will Anderson IS A MACHINE. Why has everyone forgotten about this?! Because he only had 10 sacks last year in college. In what was considered as an “off” year this man was still the best defender in the SEC (he won SEC DPOY). The only reason this wasn’t considered a crazy season is because he has 17.5 SACKS in a season. Will Anderson Jr. WILL be a generational force to be reckoned with. He will be the next Aaron Donald (if he stays healthy, which I hope he does). He can evade double teams and even with the entire o-line focused on him he can affect the play is just phenomenal, I know he will be able to go far, especially with DeMeco Ryans as his new coach. 

Best Record NFC: San Francisco 49ers

Brock Purdy is healthy, and back! This is amazing for the 49ers, who could become potential Super Bowl champs. They have a very good QB, the best o-lineman in the league in Trent Williams, a stacked secondary with the best safety in the league Talona Hufanga, and one of, if not the best d-line’s in the league, with the reigning DPOY, Nick Bosa. They also have Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk, Christian McCaffery, who can literally do anything on offence that Kyle Shannahan wants. This team is scary. Oh, I forgot to mention, they have the 4th easiest schedule strength.

Best Record AFC: Kansas City Chiefs

Yeah, yeah, yeah, boring I know. Unless someone gets injured this is the best team in the league. They drafted really well last year, picking up an amazing running back in Isiah Pacheo in the 7th round, and George Kalaftis and Trent McDuffie are stellar for the defence. Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce are gonna own the league next year for the fifth straight time. You’ll have to wait, however, to see who my Super Bowl champs are…

Surprise of the Year:

Disappointment of the Year: Tennessee Titans

It is sad indeed, but I don’t think the Titans have what it takes to make the playoffs. They picked up Deandre Hopkins, but I really don't think that will change much from last year. I don’t trust the defence, or this o-line at all. Derrick Henry will definitely get them close to the playoffs, and if I’m wrong about this take I won’t be surprised at all. Derrick Henry is really just like that. This take does hurt me to make because I was really hoping that Derrick Henry would be able to get the Titans to a Super Bowl eventually and receive the glory he deserves. But I don’t know, I guess it could still happen potentially…